Sunday, September 16, 2012


         The Piano lab is open before and after school daily.  You're invited to come in and practice.

         VC Beginners:
  • Please look ahead to "Ode to Joy" pg. 9,  and "Aura Lee, pg. 10. Copies are in the green box in the piano lab.
  • Please be ready to check off Major Scales C, G & D.
  • If you've completed those go on to A,E & B

            VC/Delta, Chamber & WR
  •  The sooner you check off all scales, the sooner you'll get individual repertoire.
  •   Remember the fingering is the same from C to E...B has different fingering and the rest of       the scales will continue to be different.
  • The cadence fingerings never change, regardless of key.

  •  Review Relative Minors
  •  We will talk about primary chords (Tonic, Sub Dominant, Dominant)

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