Friday, January 24, 2014

E. White

Congratulations 2014 All-State Members!!!

VC - Great job on your "Happy Song". Students that need to take that test again should see me immediately.  I'm available any morning before school. That includes the C and G7 chords depending upon your group.

Carrots - I'll see you next week for sure.  I'll need to see progress on your rep.

Chamber - I'm still waiting on you to finish your major scales.  You should check them off in the morning.  I'm here and available.  Please come in. :(

RC 3 - I'm so proud of your progress in music theory. I hope you're getting ready for diminished triads (next week).

RC4 - You're moving along with your scales, but I still need more students checking off more frequently.  I'd like everyone to have repertoire by the end of next week.

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