Friday, October 10, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Piano Lab is open for your convenience before and after school daily.  Please feel free to come in and practice with ear phones.

VC: All beginning groups should be prepared to perform "Ode to Joy" for the week of 10/13.
        Jessica Crowe played it with her eyes closed this morning.  Maybe you should try it.

Aphids:  I'm still in the process of checking you off.  We will finish in your session during the week of 10/13.

Chamber:  Please continue to practice your individual rep.  Think about this:
                  EQ:  What are the next steps or strategies for progression on your individual rep?

RC3 and 4:  Please practice sight-reading using our count-singing method and then the sight-singing syllables.  Please practice error detection and audiation.  You will have a pop quiz one day during the week of 10/13 on error detection and audition.
Here are some sites that offer exercises for these skills.

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